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Book Teeth Whitening for Fall Photos

Book Teeth Whitening for Fall Photos

Is a fall photo shoot one of your family traditions? Perhaps, this is the time of year you start thinking about getting those homemade Christmas cards ready. Capri Dental knows how a healthy, bright smile can transform photos from excellent to extraordinary! We offer a variety of teeth-whitening options to help you show off your pearly whites in their most radiant format. Simple, in-office procedures can be completed over your lunch break! Top reasons people opt for teeth whitening treatments include:

  • Taking years off your smile and appearance
  • Counteracting the natural dentin changes to yellow and grayish tones that come with age
  • Looking and feeling more confident and refreshed
  • Promoting oral health

Showcase Your Healthy, Radiant Smile

You may have heard that whitening teeth becomes addictive for some people. This is one of the main reasons it is recommended to undergo professional teeth whitening services with your family dentist. Clients can accidentally cause damage to their teeth by over-using some products at home. For instance, simply leaving solutions on too long can irritate sensitive gum tissue and your mouth. We keep everything on file at Capri Dental to ensure that you enjoy the best experience. We invite clients back for refresher appointments in the future. Our caring and professional team is committed to your health and well-being. It is common to want to maintain a gorgeous grin after. Once we obtain a vibrant smile, it is not something we want to forego…especially, if it has been a long road getting there! Capri Dental loves helping our clients put their best smile forward.


Fall Photos & Gorgeous Grins

Whether you are getting married this season, participating in a staff party or simply wanting to get a head start on all of those upcoming holiday photos, now is the perfect time to book your comprehensive whitening treatment. It is important to give yourself enough time to obtain the whitening effects you desire. Clients can expect to enjoy a smile from two to seven shades brighter after their first professional whitening treatment; however, results are individual.  If you are opting for take-home trays to use at bedtime instead of an in-office procedure, due diligence is required to help you maintain your smile. We recommend giving yourself at least a week prior to your photos if possible. Some clients who are prone to sensitivity may experience slight gum irritation after their teeth whitening treatment. Other clients will prefer to undergo more than one in-office treatment to get the results they desire. If you opt for the custom trays and take-home kits, we will be happy to explain how much solution to use, along with the specifics of the application. Our team is committed to helping you enjoy a fantastic, healthy grin!

Over-The-Counter-Whitening Treatments Are Not the Same

It may be tempting to jump on the latest marketing bandwagon and purchase the whitening products advertised on TV or online; however, any item you purchase over-the-counter is not nearly as effective as professional teeth whitening options. It can be detrimental to leave products on longer than recommended and quite frankly, you may feel as though you wasted your money afterward, once minimal results are obtained. Book your consultation today and we can help you determine which teeth whitening options will best suit your needs.


Book Your Teeth Whitening Treatment With Capri Dental Today!

If now is the time to invest in your healthy, happy smile, we’d love to help! Our professional and friendly team is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will discuss your outcome goals and your lifestyle to determine which method will deliver the results you desire.

Book your whitening treatment consultation with us today to get started. We look forward to seeing you!

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